Saturday, July 20, 2013

Annoying People

Oh, goody gumdrops, another group chat. Why am I always dragged into doing these?
Hey, now, Robert, we have a special guest here today to chat about the topic "annoying people"
Let me guess, another jerk from one of our author's works?
They're not jerks! They dress like jerks, but they're not jerks.
Sorry, Sandy.
So, where is this "special" guest?
She's here now!
Ugh, whatever. Let's just get this stupid chat over with.
Ooh! You have red text, too. Yesterday, Avani had red. She was a grumpypuss, too!
Avani? What kind of stupid name is that? And uh, I don't understand your stupid childish language. How old are you people?
Avani, I thought you were red?
Well, this idiot took my color, so not anymore.
I am twenty-seven years old, you immature little brat.
No,you're 23. I'm 13. Alice is 14, and Sandy is...IDK.
You need to reread TSO, it clearly states I'm 27.
Ugh, whatever. I can't believe you stupid people don't even know how old you are. *mockingly* Oh, I'm 12, no wait... 42.. Actually, I dunno because I'm just a stupid kid. Blah, blah, blah.
Well, you  got one thing right! You are stupid.
Ugh, you're all just a bunch of idiots!
And your hair, BTW, is so yesterday, Avani. 
At least I don't have fake hair.
Oh wow people, just wow. This is almost as stupid as that teenage guide book that Dad got me. OMIGOSH! I just had to bring that up. Ugh, whatever.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Special Guests!

OMG, guys, it's about time you're online! Where have you been?
In the writer's storage. We got filed away. Our author's been working with some new charries.
Bet they're all just as stupid as you lot.
Shush, Robert. We have guests!
We do?
UGH. I can't believe I'm stuck with a bunch of freaking idiots who don't even bother to update their blog. Give me a break.
Chillax, Avani. 
Leo, get the [CENSORED] out of here.
Woah, gang, no swearing! Cute little kids read this blog. With their angellic little faces and their chubby little cheeks! Sooooo adorbs!
What an adventure! I have never chatted online before.
O_o How are you still alive then?
Welcome, guys! I'm Alice. I always type with orange text.
Geez, Lady, I'm not in Kindergarden. I READ THE NOTE ON THE SIDE SAYING WHO'S WHO. I got it, chica, so back off.
I like this Avani! She shut Alice up. Anyone who can shut up her mouth is good.
Robert! You're acting like such a baby.
Guys, calm down. Why can't we all just get along? My name's Leo.
I'm Cassandra, glad to meet you all.
I'm, like, Olivia.
WE GET IT, OKAY? Ugh. I'm logging off.
Please don't leave, Vani. We're having fun!
We're going.
*sigh* Fine. Bye, everyone, we hope to come back to chat soon!
Bye! We hope to see you again!

Monday, June 24, 2013

MP3 Players

Hey guys, I am totally pumped! My mom bought me this super-hot MP3 player and now I'm buying songs for it. Totally fun!
MP3 player, you say? What brand?
I dunno. It's pink.
Sounds fun, Olivia! What kind of music are you adding?
OMG, isn't it obvious? A little bit of everything.
I'm sure Olivia means a little bit of everything in the UNCOOL genre of music. My music is much more classy than that.
Why, what do you listen to, Gangham Style? 
No, Alice. Nobody in their right minds likes that song.
I like it. It's weird, but kind of cool, in a weird way.
Hmm, a little conflict between the two adult members, eh? *grabs popcorn*
Oh, I didn't say it was a bad song, in fact, it's quite clever...
It's cool, Robbie, you don't like it. It's OK.
No, really, it's a cute song. I just meant that our age group doesn't look to it too kindly. I did not say I hated it. Cause I don't!
It's true, he doesn't.
Siding with him now, are you?
No, I'm being honest. He doesn't hate it. He REALLY hates it.
You're so immature.
Aw, hon, you are, too!
I'm here, I'm here. Got caught up in by book.
You read and chat at the same time?
*shrug* It was getting to be boring!
This was a boring chat. I guess our author is feeling uncreative.
TSO Charries Signing Off!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey guys! Let's chat about nicknames. My most common nickname is Livvy. My mom called me that when I was an itty bitty baby.
And yet, after thirteen years, your personality is exactly the same as then.
Ugh. That is sooo mature of you, Robert.
I don't have a nickname. Alice has no good nicknames. I don't like nicknames much, anyway.
Sandy is my nickname! My real name is Cassandra.
Just kidding. My real name is Sandra.
*phew* Good. You're not the Cassandra type.
I think both names are gorgeous.
Do you have a nickname, Robert?
I do not. That is so childish.
OMG, your nickname could be BOB. Or Rob. Or Robby or Bobby or BERT!
xD 'Sup, Bert?
My name is not Bert. It is Robert.
Oh, Bertie boy, did we hurt your wittle feelings?
So sorry, Bert!
Ignore them, Sandy. They're flaunting their immaturity.
Bertie Bob!
Yeah! Bertie Bob!
*sigh* This is going to be one looong internet session.
Guys, stop picking on Robert.
But Sandy! He's Bertie Bob,
I have to go to dance.
:( See you later?
On Monday,maybe. I'm going camping!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Hi, everyone! Sandy here. In celebration of Earth day, I'm posting in Green today :)
Well, green does look very nice with purple, Sandy.
It kinda does.
But it looks better with pink.
It does not!
Well...It kind of does look better with pink cause that purple is reeeeally ugly.
I like it.
Don't fight! Today's about giving back to the Earth, not about feuding.
Sorry, Sandy.
What are you doing for Earth day? I'm wearing natural makeup.
That's all?
Well...It's a start. I'm donating this month's allowance to the WWF.

Awesome! I'm holding a fundraiser later on. Selling homemade peppermints for money to help the Earth!
That is very you, Sandy.
I'm not doing anything.
Why not?
You can still love the Earth.
I, Chloe, your fabulous author, am posting on every one of my blogs
Chloe?! CHLOE?! AAAAAAH! (Quick, pretend to be good!)
She's gone. Phew.
That was close.
Yeah. Happy Earth day-let's all log off before she notices we're using her Blogger account!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

HAPPY BELATED, LIVVY! Feat. Special Guests Libby and Jade

Livvy!! Happy belated! We are SO SO SO SO SO sorry we forgot your birthday.
It's alright. Chloe forgot it, too. She was busy with her new charries, Jade and Libby *is jealous*
Well, they're nice!
*grunts* I suppose.
Gee, it's a shame you feel that way cause I just invited them to chat with us for your party, Ms. Livster!
Hiii! I'm Libby Wilder. Well, Libby Anderson. But I like Wilder better. Normally my text is pink but Birthday Girl has it :(
Shush, Libby. I'm Jayden Brown, thanks sooo much for having us as special guests on out blog! Y'all have to come to our blog sometime!
Thanks for coming to celebrate with me!! I sure will check it out.
I won't. Blogs are for babies.
Then what, pray tell, are you doing posting with us?
It's either that or I join some sort of forum. And forums are out of the question.
This, ladies, is Robert Blythe.
I know you! I saw you on TV. Are you really in jail?
Yup, Robert is a jailbird XD
I would hardly refer to myself as that.
What would you refer to yourself as, then?
A dignified, noble young gentleman.
(Who happens to be in jail. You can't retort that.)
Score, Alice!
I'm confused.
Well, Alice and Olivia make a sport of teasing Robbje. Why can't we all just be friends?
I like this  place. I like typing in yellow. It suits me more than pink.
Anyyyyway, present time!
Presents? For lil ol' me?!
Yeah! I brought some stuff over I bet you'll love.
Aw, shucks.
I brought a gift, too, but only as a polite gesture.
Robert, you do have a heart after all!
That or I just felt it required of me.
Mine first! Please?
Okay! *rips open paper* Wow, a Peppermint candy pack! Peppermint gum, peppermint licorice, peppermint jelly beans, and plain old peppermints! Thanks, Sandy, I'll have the freshest breath ever!
You're welcome. I'm so glad you like it.
Open mine next!
Okay. *rips open paper* Hey, cool! A spa guide!
I know you like beauty and stuff and I like books, I thought we could combine our passions into one thing.
That's so sweet of you!
*applauds* Great gift, Alice.
Who next?
We each brought a small something and both of us bought one biggish thing.
We would have more, but we have stuff to pay off :(
It's OK. *rips open first small package* MAKEUP!!!!! *hugs Libby* And it's Luscious Lemon Lime Lipstick! Just the kind I've been wanting.
Wait, it's green-yellow lipstick? That sounds much like an alien.
That's the flavor. *shoves Jade's gift forward*
I think it's safe to say, Libs, that we have a good taste in gifts.
And last but not least...OMG you got me the Sparkle handbag! Thanks sooo much!!!
I suppose you can open mine.
Okay, thanks, Robert. Cute card...Hey! A poem inside!
Read it!
"Roses are read, your hair is pink, I guess I can stand you for one day (I think), signed, Robert". No offence, buddy, but you have no future career as a poet. Ooh, 25 bucks, that's enough for a basic spa facial scrub, thanks, I guess.
You're welcome, I guess.
Cake time!
Happeeeeee biiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaay tooooooooo yoooooooooooou, haaaaaaaaapy biiiiiiiiiithday toooooo yoooooou, Hapeeeeeeee buuuuuuurthday dear Oliiiiiiveeeeeeeeeyaaa....Happy birthday to you! *applauds*
*blows out candles* Strawberry icing? I feel so pampered!
Hey, you only turn 14 once!
I can't wait till our fourteenth, Jade.
I can. Teenagerdom does not appeal to me.
Did you make a wish?
Yup. And it's already come true-I wished for the best friends in the world!
Aaw, that's so sweet!
Well, we should head off.
Yup, thanks for the invite, it was a great party!
Bye! And happy belated birthday, Olivia Cosby!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TSO Movie!

It seems I am the only one online. I'm relieved. Their antics drive me up the wall.
Hey, Robert.
Shoot. What do you want?
To tell them THE BIG NEWS!!!!!
What news?
You don't know?!?!
What news?!
Oh, they probably didn't tell you cause you're you.
If that remark had come from anyone else, I would be extremely offended. But since it's you, I'm not.
Fine, I'll tell you.
The news is...?
We're going to be in a movie!!!
WHAT?! (Hey guys)
Oops, I forgot to tell you. *horseface* Well, they're making a movie about our story.
That's awesome! Who's playing me?
We don't know all the details yet, but our author, Chloe, is being you, Livvy.
Oh. I hope she's good.
Who's going to play myself?
I don't think we've found anyone yet.
I can understand that. I'm a very hard role to place.
Alice, this is AWESOME. When will it be out?
Soon, I hope! Oops, gotta go.