Saturday, July 20, 2013

Annoying People

Oh, goody gumdrops, another group chat. Why am I always dragged into doing these?
Hey, now, Robert, we have a special guest here today to chat about the topic "annoying people"
Let me guess, another jerk from one of our author's works?
They're not jerks! They dress like jerks, but they're not jerks.
Sorry, Sandy.
So, where is this "special" guest?
She's here now!
Ugh, whatever. Let's just get this stupid chat over with.
Ooh! You have red text, too. Yesterday, Avani had red. She was a grumpypuss, too!
Avani? What kind of stupid name is that? And uh, I don't understand your stupid childish language. How old are you people?
Avani, I thought you were red?
Well, this idiot took my color, so not anymore.
I am twenty-seven years old, you immature little brat.
No,you're 23. I'm 13. Alice is 14, and Sandy is...IDK.
You need to reread TSO, it clearly states I'm 27.
Ugh, whatever. I can't believe you stupid people don't even know how old you are. *mockingly* Oh, I'm 12, no wait... 42.. Actually, I dunno because I'm just a stupid kid. Blah, blah, blah.
Well, you  got one thing right! You are stupid.
Ugh, you're all just a bunch of idiots!
And your hair, BTW, is so yesterday, Avani. 
At least I don't have fake hair.
Oh wow people, just wow. This is almost as stupid as that teenage guide book that Dad got me. OMIGOSH! I just had to bring that up. Ugh, whatever.


  1. HAHAHA 'please remember to be respectful at all times in the future.' AS IF! Listen girl, your book SUCKS. it's just terrible and you need to accept that! i'm sure you could get better in the future, blah blah, but you should NOT be published right now. GAG!

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don't like what I post here, the solution is simple- don't read it! Some people do, though, so just keep it to yourself.